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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Expand Your Multi-Step Email Marketing with Follow-ups

Over the years, buyers purchase many times your initial investment in email ad space. A first buyer indicates a second sale. After that, you have a regular customer that may purchase for years.

The perfect scenario would be to promote the field of interest you've selected, not expanding into separate areas. Cultivating your prime customer list takes patience and testing, but you'll find it very rewarding.

Perhaps you started with one product to offer, and now, wish to try another. You can run new, separate email ads in publications you have tested successfully with your other offer. And you can use your own list to send out ad campaigns for the new offer. Regular mailings depend on the number of items you have, the size of your list, and your budget. But follow through is very important.

Let's say you've got a successful product, the conversion for orders are high, refunds are low, and the draw from the email ad is great. How can you generate more income, even if you think you've saturated your market?

The easiest way to increase your inquiries is to run another ad in the same publication with another heading!

If you're advertising in publications that are large, you might request one ad to be placed at the beginning, then switch to the end. Although several clever readers will notice the same address, it still draws a significant number of inquiries in.

Email ads can be one of the best ways for you to make a high income return from limited sources. One of the best aspects of this type of marketing is the number of successes increase as the number of errors decrease. You learn as you go along while watching your profits increase.

Cultivate positive thought. As you can see, there is nothing difficult, costly or extremely risky in making a great profit from email ads.

What is the best way to get started?

Thousands of people have earned comfortable incomes from various types of email ads for their business with Multi-Step Email Marketing. Multi-Step Email Marketing is a cost effective way for you to sell your products or services. It's also a cost effective way for you to test various offers. And surprisingly, few marketers use this marketing technique.

With multi-step email marketing, you'll be selling to people who contacted you asking for information about your product or service. And you'll be building your own mailing list from people who raised up their hands and said, "I'm interested."

Because you're building your own mailing list, you'll be able to send multiple offers to the same prospects. Being able to follow-up with the prospects who first asked for information from you is the key to multi-step email marketing. So, your objective with multi-step email marketing is to locate new prospects and then follow-up with an intensive email ad campaign.

Let's take a look at the various steps involved in multi-step email marketing:

1. You use direct response email advertising to generate leads.

2. Your prospects read your ad, visits your site, responds with their name and address.

3. You email your response to the prospects who called or filled out your online form.

4. You send follow-up mailing to prospects who didn't buy etc...

Now, let's go over each step in detail and take a look at some examples. The first step in the multi-step email marketing process is to gather leads through lead generating advertisements.

Your lead generating ads should target the market most likely to be interested in what you're eventually going to offer them. The ads must state a major benefit that appeals to the readers' interests.

The main purpose of your ad is to arouse curiosity and to get the reader to move to the second step of the process. (Your ad must make the reader want to know more). For best results, your email ad should offer something for FREE on your site.

This is a non-threatening approach and an interested person is much more likely to respond for more information. Remember, the purpose of your lead-generating email ad is to arouse curiosity and to get the prospect to visit your site. Do not try to close the sale in this ad!

You want to get prospects to rise up and say they're interested in getting more information about your product or service. This allows you to build a mailing list of people who contacted you first.

Now you've got the names and addresses of prospects who has shown an interest in your product or service. Your next step is to immediately send out your email response to your prospects. Your goal here is to close the sale!

Studies show that 80 in sales with your follow-up mailings. That's an additional 50% of income you would not have if you didn't follow-up.

Multi-step email marketing allows you to be in front of your prospects when they move from the "not ready to buy" category to the "ready to buy" category. It allows you to build a relationship with your prospects and when they are ready to b uy, they'll buy from you.

The good news about multi-step email marketing, is that you don't have to create a completely different email campaign for each additional step in the process. Just make minor changes to your initial email piece.

One technique is to change the headline or the opening paragraph of your original email letter while reminding the prospect that this is their second, third or fourth notice. Or, simply place "second notice" in your original sales message.

How many times should you mail? Just keep mailing until it's no longer profitable. Don't forget to factor in back-end sales and the lifetime value of your customer. Your biggest expense was getting the prospect - spend a little bit more by following-up, and watch your sales and profits soar!

By: Abe Cherian


Mesin Penghasil Uang

Mesin Penghasil Uang

CO.CC:Free Domain "

Mesin Penghasil Uang

CO.CC:Free Domain

How to Get the Best Results From Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Starting an email marketing campaign is one of the best decisions that a CEO, retailer, wholesaler, and owner of a business can make. Email marketing is a very fast, cheap and easy way to get your product and services to your clients, customers and potential customers.

I doesn't matter what business you are into. There is always an audience that needs your products and services; and the easiest way to get to them is via the email. You can reach an astonishing number of individuals in a very short period.

Because of its popularity, email marketing strategies and methods have been divided into the following categories. While this is by no means conclusive, it will at least give you an idea of the various methods available on the internet.

There are three of them namely: Marketing to an Opt-in list, Newsletter Marketing, and Bulk email marketing. Of all these three, marketing to an opt-in list produces the highest results followed by the Newsletter or ezine marketing. Forget about bulk email marketing campaigns. They are not worth all the stress. More than 55% of them are deleted on reception without even being read.

Have you ever visited websites that have the information you desire only to be asked to leave your email address so you can have access to the information? I am sure you would have encountered this several times on the internet. If the sites are reputable, they often send you a confirmation link that you have to click in your box before you can get to the download page or the download link.

Whenever you do that, you get on the information or service provider's opt-in list. These particular clients are the best you can send your offer to. Why? Because they have already showed an interest in what services and products you have to offer and as a result, are willing and more open towards hearing from you and ultimately buying from you. The opt-in list is a collection of email addresses collected by an individual or company as a result of the signified interest of such individuals.

The major mistake many new marketers make is to solicit to their lists immediately after signing them up. Unfortunately, even mature "old hands" who have the played the game for long still do this. While it may work for a few people, the majority just get a few orders. The quickest way to getting your clients to pick up your product is by helping them create an intense need within themselves. Make them feel like they can't live without you. Ok maybe that's going too far, but you get the point. Court your customers like you would a very beautiful woman. Make them dependent on you. Create in them, the thirst for more information from you. When you get to this level, they look out for your email and it becomes easy to sell to them.

I am subscriber to quite a few opt-in lists, ezines and newsletters. More often than not, I tend to ignore emails that do only one thing: Obvious selling. Recent estimates have shown that people would easily buy from service providers who offer nuggets of valuable information than from those who just sell. Over time, the emails who just sell are unsubscribed from while those that offer information get more subscribers. So, when you decide to set up your own email marketing campaign, have this at the back of your mind: Customers buy only from people they think are providing valuable information.


Mesin Penghasil Uang

Mesin Penghasil Uang

CO.CC:Free Domain "

Mesin Penghasil Uang

CO.CC:Free Domain

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